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HCC 79 – Seizures

We are focusing on ICD-10 Category G40 – Seizures. The codes in this category are:

When selecting a code from Category G40, it’s important to assign the appropriate 5th and 6th characters to identify if the seizure is intractable versus not intractable and with or without status epilepticus.

In order to select the code with the highest level of specificity, the documentation must indicate if the seizure is:

  • Focal or generalized
  • Idiopathic or symptomatic
  • With or without status epilepticus
  • Intractable or not intractable

According to the instructional notes, these terms are to be considered equivalent to intractable:

  • Pharmacoresistant (pharmacologically-resistant)
  • Treatment-resistant
  • Refractory (medically)
  • Poorly controlled

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