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Coding Counts

HCC 134 – Dialysis Status

Renal dialysis is among the most costly conditions in the healthcare. Dialysis status is commonly left out of provider assessments, thereby missing an opportunity to document the extensive benefits and medical resources utilized in providing care.

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Link Diabetes to Manifestation when Coding

When documenting complicated diabetes conditions, link the etiology (diabetes) with the manifestation (condition caused by the patient’s diabetes), using as many codes as needed to identify the patient’s conditions.

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Substance Abuse

We’re taking a look at substance abuse, its definition, criteria, and the differences between use and dependence. This is the code range for the conditions related to substance abuse:

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Autoimmune Diseases and ICD-10

Autoimmune diseases cause the body to produce antibodies that attack its own tissues, leading to deterioration, and in some cases destruction, of tissue.

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HCC 79 – Seizures

We are focusing on ICD-10 Category G40 - Seizures. The codes in this category are:When selecting a code from Category G40, it's important to assign the appropriate 5th and 6th characters to identify if the seizure is intractable versus not intractable and with or without status epilepticus.

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