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Coding Counts

Autoimmune Diseases and ICD-10

Autoimmune diseases cause the body to produce antibodies that attack its own tissues, leading to deterioration, and in some cases destruction, of tissue.

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HCC 40 – Rheumatoid Arthritis

This month, we're focusing on Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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HCC 54 and HCC 55 – Substance Abuse

This month we’re taking a look at substance abuse, its definition, criteria, and the differences between use and dependence.

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RxHCC Model

The second major HCC based risk adjustment model is the RxHCC model. The RxHCC model was created for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. This model, like the CMS HCC model, can predict benefit costs that the plan will be responsible for covering and adjust standardized payments based on the underlying health status of the plan's members.

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HCC 88 – Angina Pectoris

This month we are focusing on ICD-10 Category I20 - Angina Pectoris.

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