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URGENT FLASH: Announcing New Claims Clearinghouse – Optum iEDI

With the cyberattack at Change Healthcare, we’ve worked diligently to get options in place for providers to submit claims electronically. On March 12, we announced that we were live with Availity clearinghouse and we immediately began receiving EDI claims.

To provide an additional option for providers, we’ve established a new connection with Optum’s iEDI clearinghouse for claims submission. If you need additional information or are interested in what Optum iEDI offers to providers, please reach out to your Optum/Change Healthcare support channel.


Provider Claim Payments Update:

We’re in the final stages of working with our new payment vendor, Zelis. We don’t have a specific “go-live date” to share at this time, but we anticipate issuing checks and remittances in the near future.

We recognize the significant impact the Optum/Change Healthcare outage is having on our providers. We want to be sure you’re accurately informed that the Optum Pay temporary funding program is available to all providers impacted by the outage, regardless of whether you have a direct contract with Change Healthcare or United Healthcare or not. This program allows providers to be advanced funds while the system outage is ongoing. The program is interest free and there are no fees. Additionally, per Optum, advanced funds do not have to be returned until 45 days after claims are flowing and payments have returned to normal.

More information on the program and how providers can sign up is at There are also FAQs on that page to help providers understand how the program works. It’s important to note that this program is between Optum/Change Healthcare and the provider, and that Health AllianceTM is not involved in the program.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these weeks. As always, feel free to reach out to us for any ways we can help.