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Category: InforMED Flash

FLASH: Preauthorizations for OB Ultrasounds

June 2, 2017

Starting immediately, we will no longer require preauthorizations for the first instance of standard ultrasound, greater than 14 weeks gestation (76805, or 76810 if there are multiple fetuses) or the first instance of nuchal translucency ultrasound (76813, or 76814 if there are multiple fetuses).  If one of our members needs... View Release

FLASH: Make Sure Patients Can Reach You

April 27, 2017

Our provider directories are a key resource for our members to reach you. Members use them to search for new providers, get directions to clinics, and find contact information to schedule appointments. To make sure the information in our provider directories is accurate, we are performing audits. CMS audits are... View Release

FLASH: Important Update Regarding Preauthorizations

April 20, 2017

We know many of you are actively attending training and reviewing current workflows in preparation for our upcoming preauthorization requirements.  Our partnership with eviCore is progressing as expected, and we’re looking forward to improved turnaround times for our members and providers. Note: Your Health Alliance for providers will be ready... View Release