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Category: InforMED Flash

FLASH: Preauthorizations for Durable Medical Equipment

February 3, 2017

Starting March 1, 2017, you should submit preauthorization requests for durable medical equipment (DME), home health, and home oxygen through Clear Coverage instead of through our preauthorization forms on Your Health Alliance for providers. If you need help with Clear Coverage access, contact your provider relations specialist.

FLASH: eviCore Preauthorization Online Training Sessions

January 10, 2017

Starting March 1, 2017, we will partner with eviCore, a national specialty benefit management company that focuses on managing quality and use for better outcomes for our patients, providers, and Health Alliance. eviCore will manage some preauthorization services for our commercial and Medicare lines of business to help us address... View Release

FLASH: Medicare Advantage ABN Process

December 19, 2016

Medicare Advantage members sometimes request procedures that aren’t covered, such as nail trimmings, from their provider’s office. Our providers were requesting members sign Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) letters or other waivers of liability, which have members attest that they’ll be financially liable for these non-covered services. CMS does not allow... View Release

FLASH: Changes Coming to Health Alliance Medicare

October 4, 2016

This year, we’re offering Medicare Advantage point of service (POS) plans rather than preferred provider organization (PPO) plans. Since these members are already your patients, the transition for you will be easy. Members on our 2016 PPO plans were sent letters telling them their PPO plan would be ending on... View Release